The ATOS Concept

First-class medical science combined with top-notch service – this is the foundation that the ATOS Clinics in Heidelberg and Munich have built their excellent reputations on.

At the ATOS Clinic in Heidelberg, your medical needs will be attended to by our specialists in one of our five state-of-the-art operating rooms. We cover 19 areas of expertise on both an in- and outpatient basis. Shoulder, spine, hip, knee, internal organs, nervous system, blood vessels or skin problems – every one of our doctors is highly specialised in his or her field with years of experience providing patients with the best care and piece of mind. For us, a high standard for medical care goes hand-in-hand with an equally high level of comfort for our patients.

After all, an important part of a successful post-procedure recovery is the comfort of the patient. In our comfortably appointed recovery rooms, our patients are seen to by our competent and attentive nursing staff who are well-rested and motivated to give our patients the best care possible. During your stay here, we do not want you to feel as though you are in a hospital, instead you should feel as comfortable and welcome as you would in a first-class-hotel.

We invite you to take a look around our website, should you have any further questions or would prefer to speak to us directly, feel free to call our International Office at +49 (0) 6221 983 9200.

Dr. med. Sven Lichtenberg
Deputy Medical Director ATOS Clinic Heidelberg