Our Clinic


Interview with the Medical Director,
Prof. Dr. med. Hajo Thermann, about the ATOS Concept


Prof. Thermann, you joined the ATOS Clinic in 1998. Could you name a principle that guides you?
We believe in the idea of personalised medicine − this means we take care of the patients in a holistic manner, at the highest international level and in an atmosphere of wellbeing. That’s the reason why so many patients from outside Germany come to be treated here in the ATOS Clinic.

How do the doctors ensure a constantly high level of quality?
All of our doctors at the ATOS Clinic are highly specialised in their field and internationally renowned for their high performance and expertise. Together with their well-coordinated interdisciplinary teams, they perform routine examinations as thoroughly as complicated operations.

Their cutting-edge specialist knowledge is constantly being expanded by a vibrant and productive exchange with national and international colleagues. Surgical techniques and gentle therapeutic methods are always up-to-date and define the international state of the art.

This means that our patients benefit from the highest safety standards and the highest degree of experience.

ATOS is a private clinic. What does that mean?
ATOS combines a number of individual practices, employing highly qualified and specialised doctors exclusively. The teamwork practised here ensures a permanent professional exchange of information, which directly benefits the patients. With presently 47 medical specialists, we offer the classic orthopaedic range of services at the highest level of expertise, and have also extended and complemented the clinic’s offering in an ideal way.

Apart from excellent medical care, the ATOS doctors also focus on making sure that their patients feel comfortable at the clinic − through perfect service and top-notch ambience.

Why is the idea of wellbeing so important to you?
We have often noticed that accidents, injuries and surgeries are a “state of emergency” to many patients – psychologically speaking. And you have to understand that it takes a lot of courage to leave your country to seek treatment. That’s why trust and a feeling of security are important for a successful recovery. It is essential that people feel well taken care of and that they feel that their cultural preferences are being respected. That’s why patients can feel like they are staying at a good hotel when they are here at the clinic.

What is your personal motivation when dealing with patients?
I treat every patient in the same way I would treat a member of my family: my children, my wife or my parents. That’s my benchmark. When I go into an operating room, then I do the operation the best it can be done. If I ever had doubts, I would recommend the patient to a colleague.