Transparency and trust are the foundation of every medical treatment. But a financial foundation is needed as well. Therefore we would ask you to please wire transfer the full amount of your cost estimate to our bank account after confirming your appointment. If your appointment should be taking place on very short notice, you can simply pay in cash or with your credit card upon admission. We trust that you will understand that treatment is only possible after payment has been received.

In exceptional cases we do accept cost coverage declarations from insurance providers or embassies. We would ask you to please contact us personally to arrange the details of such cases.

After your treatment is finished, you will be given a final invoice containing a detailed list of all the services actually provided to you before your discharge from the ATOS Clinic. Should the invoice amount be higher than initially quoted in your cost estimate, we would kindly ask you to settle the balance in cash or with your credit card before leaving the clinic. Should your final invoice be less than the initial estimate, the difference will be refunded to you in full.